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Schedules are subject to change. – Coaches will update parents accordingly

Georgetown Dribblers basketball league was founded 24 years ago to promote learning and fun for boys and girls in the 1st through 6th grades. The league is structured to have many benefits to kids of all skills levels and provide a learning environment through basketball. Key benefits of the program are:

  • Balanced Teams – The teams are formed after all players have been evaluated by the league coaches.
    This allows each team to be roughly equal and no teams can be “stacked”. This provides a fair playing environment.
  • Equal Playing Time – The league requires all players to play equally. Every player will play a quarter in each half,
    and if a team has less than 10 players the “extra” quarters to be played will be rotated through each player.
  • UIL Officials – All games are officiated by UIL officials, the same people who call High School
    and Middle School games. These officials help to make sure the players learn to play the “right” way
    and avoid picking up bad habits that are tough to break later. They are also great with the kids
    and really assist with the learning process.
  • End of Season Tournament – After a good regular season of practices and games, the season culminates
    with an exciting championship tournament.

find additional information on the Boys league @ Facebook.com/GeorgetownDribblers
questions regarding the Boys leage please email dribblerbasketball@gmail.com

find additional information on the Girls league @ Facebook.com/Georgetown-Dribblers-Girls