About Georgetown Dribblers Basketball

Mission Statement

The mission of Georgetown Dribblers is to promote girls and boys basketball in Williamson County, principally in the Georgetown Independent School District. The League will strive to support existing school athletic programs, and to develop community youth leadership through competitive basketball activities. Georgetown Dribblers will hold their participants to a higher standard in academics and moral values. Georgetown Dribblers are expected to attend every practice and game that is reasonably possible, respect their teammates, opponents and coaches, and remember that sports are an opportunity to learn and have fun.


Georgetown Dribblers has been in existence and a member of the Little Dribblers’ Inc., since 1987. It was started by those who wanted younger girls in the Georgetown Independent School District to get a head start in the fundamentals of basketball. The boys program was started in 2004. The 1st/2nd Grade League was started in 2007. The initial purpose of Dribblers is to improve the basketball skills of youth in order to improve the middle school basketball programs and in turn benefit the local high school program. Georgetown Dribblers is a non profit organization run strictly by volunteers. Coaches and administrators share one goal. That goal is the fundamentals of the program will be promoted by the program. The focus of Georgetown Dribblers is always the boys and girls who play.

About Georgetown Dribblers

The Georgetown Dribblers Basketball League is a non-profit organization. A Board of Directors, consisting of involved parents, govern us. We make it a practice to give money to The Georgetown Independent School District, if we have enough remaining at the end of our post season program,, as a “Thank you”, for the support they give our program. We depend solely upon registration fees, fund raising projects, and donations from civic-minded businesses and professionals to pay for the gym time and use, custodians, equipment, officials, uniforms, statisticians, and operational expenses.

The History of Little Dribblers’ Basketball

In 1969, four men from Levelland, Texas, Harold Phelan, Chester Bridges, Hulton L. Moreland, and Frank Burnett started Little Dribblers Basketball Inc. The initial purpose for the program was to improve the basketball skills of youth in Levelland in order to improve the Junior High basketball programs. The result of this program was seen immediately in the improvement of the Junior High teams.

The founders of Little Dribblers Basketball decided that this idea would benefit other communities as well. Therefore, the program which began in West Texas, has spread to 11 states and 2 countries. Little Dribblers Basketball leagues play all over North America, but only 7 of these states charter to play in tournaments toward a National Championship.

In 1972, Little Dribblers Basketball started their Girls basketball program. Like the boys program begun a few years earlier, this idea quickly spread and now involves youth from all over the country.

Little Dribblers Basketball awards 18 Championships every year in the different age groups, three different sizes of communities, and Boys and Girls. Little Dribblers is divided into the Junior Division (10 and under), the Major Division (12 and under), and the Senior Division (14 and under). Little Dribblers consists of three divisions based on the population of the participating communities: Continental (2500 and under), American (10,000 and under), and the National (35,000 and under or a single High School District). Little Dribblers Basketball plays both boys and girls.

Georgetown Dribblers has remained in existence due to the many players, volunteer coaches, and administrators that believe in the fundamentals of basketball promoted by the program. The consistency of Little Dribblers’ Basketball is also vital to these communities in that very few rule changes have been made since 1969.

Georgetown has been a member of the Little Dribblers’ Basketball program for girls since 1987. The boys’ program was added in 2004.

Practice and Game Conduct Rules

  1. Attend all practices with clean sole sneakers only, appropriate attire (no jeans etc), hair pulled back, and water bottles.
  2. Promptness for practice is required. The gym time is very limited. The coaching staff will make every effort to start practice sessions at the scheduled time.
  3. Promptness for games is required. There will be many games on each Saturday, and games will not be held up for players that are running late.
  4. All players are expected to listen to coaching instructions and to be quiet while the coach is talking.
  5. No running, bouncing balls or any other misconduct in the hallways is permitted. (There are cameras, so we are always being watched.
  6. Parents and siblings must sit on the bleachers, or in the hallway at all times during practice. There should not be any loud conversations or playing on the sidelines as well. A parent or responsible adult should supervise children not practicing. Having people walking around and being loud are distractions to practice.
  7. No food or drink is allowed in the building except water for the teams. This includes the hallways. Post game snacks and drinks must be given to the teams outside of the building.
  8. No one is allowed to shoot on any of the goals or bounce the ball in the gym during a team’s practice, other than designated teams.
  9. Communication between coaches and parents is critical to the success of our players. Please arrange a time to meet with the coach to discuss situations privately. Always be careful to avoid criticizing the coaches, officials, or athletes in front of an athlete, or other children.
  10. Absolutely NO jewelry is permitted during games and practices for all of the boys and girls divisions. This includes new piercing’s.

Volunteer Requirements

The Georgetown Dribblers’ Basketball League operates through the volunteer efforts of parents. Please, let board members know if you wish to help the league in any way. We never have too many people helping to make this league a success. We will also have a Post Season program and will need much help then as well. Thank you in advance for assisting our league.

Game Officials

Game officials are hired through a local chapter of the UIL Basketball League. The officials are paid through our league. Please, adhere to basic courtesies with the calls the officials are making. If you have complaints about the officiating, please, see a Board Director (officer) with the complaint. Do not approach the officials at any time. If inappropriate behavior toward the officials is exhibited, that individual will be asked to leave the premises. If the individual is the only ride for a player, the individual must wait outside for the player, and the player will be escorted by the coach or board member to the parent. If there are multiple incidents, the Board of Directors reserves the right to ban individuals from future Georgetown Dribblers’ games.

Scoring Table

The only individuals allowed at the score table are the score keepers. There can be only two score keepers, unless a Board Member is assisting. Absolutely, NO ONE, is allowed to approach the score table at any time during a game (including half-time), with the exception of the following: One coach from each team at any given time, the officials, or a Board Member. Distractions cause errors, and we want to keep the errors as few as possible.

Georgetown Dribblers’ Post Season

Georgetown Dribblers sponsors a Post Season program for our Junior (3rd/4th-Grade) and Major (5th/6th grade) divisions. For players interested in continuing to play at the Tournament level, a team(s) will be selected based on players interested and coach availability. More information will be distributed from the organization midway through the season. Questions can be directed to info@georgetowndribblers.org.


The official Basketball rules as adopted by the National Federation of State High School associations has been adopted as the official Little Dribbler playing rule except as changed by the following special rules documented on the forms page for each league.