About Us
Our mission is to promote boys basketball in the GISD. The League will strive to support existing school athletic programs, and to develop community youth leadership through competitive basketball activities. Dribblers will hold their participants to a higher standard in academics and moral values. Dribblers are expected to attend every practice and game that is reasonably possible, respect their teammates, opponents and coaches, and remember that sports are an opportunity to learn and have fun.

The League is a non-profit organization. A Board consisting of involved parents, governs us. We make it a practice to give money to GISD if we have enough remaining at the end of our season program, as a “Thank you” for the support they give our program. We depend solely upon registration fees, fund raising projects, and donations from civic-minded businesses and professionals to pay for the gym time and use, custodians, equipment, officials, uniforms, statisticians, and operational expenses.

We have two divisions for the Boys League Р Juniors (3rd-4th Grade) and Majors (5th-6th Grade).

questions regarding the Boys league please email